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Road transport, logistic and carriers

Lithuanian road network Transport Development Group – TVG has its origins from the year 1992 when the commercial firm “Karlas” was founded in Kėdainiai. Now TVG unites not only Lithuanian capital companies: “Karlas” “TVG logistics” and “TVG express”, Transporto Vystymo Grupė is member of national carriers’ associations: such as ASMAP, KazATO, ZMPD and Lithuanian LINAVA There are […]

Lithuania – the Center of Intermodal Transport near Baltic Sea in Europe

Lithuania is a member of the European Union, country on the south-east coast of the Baltic Sea. Klaipėda port is located between Riga and Gdansk ports. Intermodal transport is well developed here. There are two Transeuropean Network (TEN) transport corridors across the country: the Via Baltica highway connecting the Baltics to Poland and Rail Baltica. Lithuania has the […]