Incredibly attractive conditions for residents to buy gold bars are offered by perkamonline with partners!

Buy Fine Gold in ounces for at least 15 thousand. EUR, lower than the LBMA comfort price, with an unprecedentedly low brokerage fee of only three percent!

Periodic payments (from 30 euros / month) allow you to buy gold on a regular basis and mitigate price fluctuations in the long terms. Gold is bought in grams until one troy ounce (31,1 g) is accumulated, which will be sent to the buyer.

The Gold can be also deposited in Germany at an unprecedentedly low price of just 0,43 percent. from the value of the property per year.

Your intermediary – perkamonline with partners – will provide all the information necessary for the implementation of the deal, help to sign the sale purchase agreement and formalize other documents related to the right of ownership. In addition, it will ensure the smooth running of processes and procedures throughout the contract period, inform about important changes in the gold market and assist in finding the most favorable solutions.

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Contact your broker by phone or WhatsApp +37068674149

The procedure:

  1. The buyer enters into a contract with the intermediary.
  2. The buyer pays the lowest agreed periodic fee (30, 60 or more euros / month) to the intermediary each month.
  3. Intermediary, deducts the contract administration fee and at least 30 percent. the minimum contribution amounts are allocated for the purchase of gold.
  4. Gold purchased at each redemption is calculated in milligrams and accumulated in the seller’s deposit until it reaches one troy ounce.
  5. The buyer receives his gold bars and continues to pay contributions until he has invested all the intended amounts.

The Gold is 999.9 of purity, 24 carat weight, marked by Heraeus or umicore

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Payments are flexible, so you can buy almost 10 ounces of fine gold at today's prices at once!

The offer is valid for EU residents only