At e-shop you will find e-products and services—files to download and an event or meeting to reserve.

The sale is carried out by MB or service providers with which a cooperation agreement is signed.

E-shopping is regulated by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania. Customer’s interests are protected in accordance with the Consumer Rights Protection Standards. Seller and service provider are jointly and severally liable to customer.

The cooperation is based on high quality, respect for business reputation and favorable pricing principles.


Fill out the fields of e-forms and make sure your email address is correct. You will receive the proof of purchase by email. The order code, name and email address you provide are the most important proof of purchase. Do not share it with others.

The data you submit to is stored under the Privacy Policy.
Please note that some orders are subject to individual service or cooperation agreements and that the terms and conditions (above) are in compliance with these rules—they are expanded, supplemented and tailored to specific needs.
In many cases, to increase confidence prepayment is applied.


Unless it was discussed otherwise or indicated in an agreement, money is returned only until the first file has been received (for example, the original version of a simple text). Therefore, money for downloading digital products is not refundable, as you will be able to download files right from the start.

Money is refunded under unforeseen circumstances. Registration and payment fee for the events organized by can be canceled at least one day prior to the event. If the time or place of the event changes, you can also get a refund. However, your original registration will be canceled.

It is a pity, however, that money is not returned for publications or prints, as well as for jewelry, precious metals or gems.

We always try to return the money by offering certain benefits based on individual needs.

Contact us at If you have any questions, contact our project manager directly.

By ensuring quality we strive to achieve positive mutual good.